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“The ONLY Tank Calibration Company of its Kind in the World,” Gauge Point Calibration offers our cutting edge High Definition Survey (HDS) System for the highest level of tank calibration and capacity calculations for:

Gauge Point Calibration is uniquely positioned as the leading tank calibration company in the world, with our industry leading technology - High Definition Survey System. Gauge Point’s HDS System uses the latest laser scanning technology to capture, visualize and model complex structures, including (but not limited) to Tanks, Spheres, Ships, Barges, Levee Systems, etc., with an unprecedented combination of speed, completeness, accuracy and safety.


American Petroluem Institute Training Certifications Health & Saftey
API 2.2a Approved Bay Area Training Company (BATC) Confined Space Entry
API 2.2b Approved Pacific Industrial Contractor Screening Pulmonary & Fit Tested
API 2.2c Approved (PICS) Audited CPR First Aid Trained
API 2.2d Approved ISNetworld Audited ASAP Member