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Gauge Point Calibration:
Precision Tank Strapping and Calibration Since 1992.

At Gauge Point Calibration (GPC), we've been the go-to partner for aboveground storage tank (AST) calibration since 1992. Our passion? Ensuring unmatched accuracy in your tanks, empowering confident inventory management and informed decision-making.

We leverage cutting-edge technology to achieve this precision. Our secret weapon? 3D laser scanning and point cloud technology. Imagine a detailed, digital replica of your tank, eliminating human error and delivering unparalleled volume measurements.

API Standards? We Speak Fluent API.

Our team is well-versed in the American Petroleum Institute (API) standards for calculations, charts and reports, frequency of calibration, for all tank types. GPC will make sure that every aspect of your calibration adheres to industry best practices - ensuring regulatory compliance and peace of mind.

Speed Matters. We Get You Back Online - Fast:

We understand downtime can be costly. That's why our efficient processes guarantee swift project completion. Get the data you need, quickly, to make informed decisions that keep your operations running smoothly.

Global Reach, Local Focus:

Our comprehensive services span the globe, with a dedicated focus on supporting clients throughout the United States. We're your trusted partner, wherever you are.

Beyond Calibration: Industry Leaders, Community Champions.

Our commitment extends beyond calibrations. We actively participate in API committees, shaping the future of the industry. We also believe in giving back. GPC and its employees proudly support local industry charity events, fostering a spirit of collaboration and community investment.

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