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Our services


In accordance with API standards, we provide the following reports:

  • Capacity Tables

  • Alarm Levels of Concern (API 2350)

  • High and Low Critical Levels

  • Shell tilt & roundness

  • Shell and bottom contour

  • Fixed roof column

  • Floating roof critical survey

  • Area and volume calculations

  • Conceptual design and
    interference checking

  • 3-D modeling

Pic_GPC Tanks.png

Tanks we service

  • Above & Below Ground Tanks

  • Upright Cylindrical Tanks

  • Spheroid Tanks

  • Horizontal Tanks

  • Tank Cars (rail and truck)

  • Wine, Beer and Spirit Storage Tanks

  • Dairy storage tanks

  • Agricultural Storage Tanks (Liquid & Dry)

  • Barge, Tug and Ship Tanks

Our Technology

GPC uses the latest technology for scanning and modeling storage tanks. We use 3-D laser scanners (i.e., total stations) and software that uses point-cloud technology. This technology along with its inherent automation enables us to provide our customers with accurate and precise measurements.

Industries Served

We provide services to the petroleum, wine, spirit, brewing, dairy and agricultural industries.

Custom Services


GPC provides custom services such as levee containment, dry cargo and 3D as-built custom surveys and reports. Consulting services include frequency of calibration auditing and development of frequency of calibration (FOC) systems. GPC is available to speak on a range of topics including tank calibration and high-definition surveying, 

GPC Apps


GPC offers free apps:  Frequency of Calibration Calculator and Tank Alarm Management System (TALMS). All of our web-based apps are free to use, but registration is required.                    to register.

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